Single Economy

The cheapest room we currently have. It is great for people who are only here for a couple of days who are looking for a clean and beautifully designed room. Good for 1 guest.

Single Deluxe

A room made for a single guest who wishes for a slightly more spacious room than our economy room type.

Twin Economy

For travelers who would like a separate bed but would like to cut down the costs of booking 2 rooms. Great for those who appreciate a nice room for great value.

Twin Deluxe

A more spacious version of our Twin Economy room. Highly recommended to those who want bigger space.

Queen Economy

Nice room with a nice and wider bed than our Single Type Rooms. Best for couples on a honeymoon and is definitely worth what you are paying for.

Queen Deluxe

While we are expecting our Single rooms to be one of our best sellers, this queen room is probably a very close second.

Triple Superior

As the name says, it is a room that could comfortably fit 3 adults in this room. It is much more spacious than the other room types and is great for people on a budget.

Quad Superior

This room is best for a group of 4.

Junior Suite Room

Our second best room type in the entire hotel. Definitely fit for those who would like our more premium rooms.

Executive Suite Room

The cream of the crop and the best room we can ever offer in our hotel. It has the best amenities available. A room (almost) fit for a King!